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Bespoke Workshops

Iaido Workshop with Aikido Gyodokan
Iaido workshop with Worm Lab and Gyodokan
Aikido Gyodokan Zazen session

Gyodokan delivering an Iaido and Zazen morning to a team of scientists!  We thoroughly enjoyed our morning teaching the prestigious Worm Lab some Iaido basics and the Koranto kata (Tiger Run). This was followed by a zazen session, giving our participants some quiet time to come back to themselves, settle and re-centre, before going back to the lab. 

Aikido Gyodokan and Worm Lab Iaido workshop

Gyodokan can offer bespoke workshops for events to do with martial arts, Japanese culture and more. Get in touch to discuss your requirements using the contact form below. You may be looking for an interesting activity for a company wellness or bonding day, a cultural event or a product launch.

Past workshops have included Iaido, Weapons, Aikido, Zazen (zen meditation).

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