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Beginners' Trials
Who can learn Aikido?

A person of any age, size & gender who wishes to:

  • Improve mental & physical stamina & flexibility

  • Increase focus & discipline.

  • Participate in vigorous training.

Aikido Gyodokan/ Aikido of London in action.

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Classes- What to expect
  • Learn how to fall safely (ukemi).

  • Warm-up stretches, hand & footwork drills, & ukemi practice.

  • Techniques such as throws, locks, & pins.

  • Students learn to both apply & receive techniques safely & effectively.

What to wear

For trial sessions you may wear loose, comfortable clothing. Long sleeves are recommended. If you wish to continue after the trial period you will need to wear a white Keiko gi. Please ask if unsure.

You may like to read our etiquette page before your visit.

Trial fee

It takes several sessions to get a feel for what Aikido training involves. We therefore offer a 4 class trial period for a total of £40.

Request your trial

Fill in the trial form and pay for your sessions below.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Please await a response via email and check your junk and spam for our return correspondence.

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