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West London Aikido

Cathy Okada Gyodokan Aikido

What is Aikido?

Originating in Japan, “Aikido” means “The Way of Communion with the Forces and Principles of the Universe.” Aikido is a derivative of “Budo,” which translates as, “The Way of Martial Arts” and it serves as a path for personal growth, where the rigorous training of martial arts is utilized to foster overall human development. Aikido is an art that enhances strength and conditioning throughout the body, while also guiding individuals to achieve balance and harmony even in challenging situations. The practice of Aikido aims to purify the Self and cultivate coordination among the mind, body, and spirit.

About Gyodokan

Gyodokan is a recently established Aikido dojo based in Ealing London, founded by dedicated Aikido and Iaido teachers and practitioners Ivan Melo and Cathy Okada. Serving as a sister branch to Aikido of London, Gyodokan encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to embark on their Aikido journey.


Benefitting from the lineage and teachings of Ismail Hasan Sensei, the instructors at Gyodokan bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their students.


Through their dedication, expertise, and commitment to preserving the traditions of Aikido, Gyodokan aims to cultivate both the physical and mental abilities of its students. By fostering a lifelong passion for Aikido, the dojo strives to instil confidence, discipline, and personal growth in each practitioner.


Mario- Music Therapist

"The Gyodokan instructors' practice and teaching are profoundly authentic and of the highest quality. Aikido taught at this depth can have a profound effect on life in general- dare I say transformational if you allow it. I include my two daughters who are benefitting in so many ways from Aikido practice. I highly recommend these inspirational teachers."

Paul- Barrister

"The instructors are simply inspirational. They are both excellent teachers who compliment each other. Cathy sensei's patience blends well with Ivan sensei's rigour. They are clearly committed to promoting Aikido training which is considerate but not too soft which retains its authenticity. I cannot recommend them highly enough."
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